Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Raising a coffee-drinker, part 1

My daughter Kivi loves coffee. Loves it.  And has since she was ... 9 months old.

No, I didn't feed my infant coffee. Well, I did, but only a little, and only because it was a surprise, and she was damned insistent.

I was at my cousin's house, sitting on the floor, and my baby was sitting on my thigh, as if it were a bench. My cousin Sam made me a latte, and handed the mug down to me.

Kivi immediately stood up, holding my shoulder (she wasn't walking yet) to steady herself, and reached for my mug, snatching at it.  Fearing my baby would pull the drink onto herself and get burned, I transferred it to my other hand.  She immediately turned in my arms, and started snatching at it again.

Not knowing what else to do, I transferred it back. Same thing.  So, I said, "Ok, ok ... I'll give you a taste!"  She immediately plopped back down on my leg, and opened wide.

Like a baby bird.

I dipped my finger into the coffee, so that a droplet of milky coffee clung to the tip of my finger, and placed it on her tongue. She closed her mouth, and I swear I'm not making this up - swished the coffee around on her tongue.  It wasn't particularly sweet - I like my lattes only barely sweetened, but that didn't seem to matter.

Then she opened her mouth, nice and wide.  She didn't speak, but it couldn't have been more clear. "More! More!"

I continued placing drops of coffee into her mouth, and she happily tasted it. After about a dozen drops or so, I said, "Kivi, you are a baby. You've had enough!"  And she crawled away.

You think babies can't understand you, just because they don't talk yet? Think again. They understand you perfectly.

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