Friday, May 6, 2016

Gear Hack: Labeling coffee for storage

Left: Airscape with coffee label, marked with a letter.
Center: bags marked with same letter.
So, ever since I started breaking my coffee into 3 ounce/85 gram batches, and storing just one batch in the Airscape, and the rest in vacuum-sealed bags, my coffee stays fresher MUCH longer.

But, labeling was a total hassle - I got tired of writing the coffee type on the bag, and I could only really use the top third of the bag, because if I wrote over where the beans are, it was difficult to read. (Seriously - black ink over brown beans. I don't mean difficult, I mean nearly impossible).  I keep 3-4 different coffees at a time, so I might have up to 8 vacuum-sealed bags of beans going at once (rarely more than that).

So, I cut out the label from the coffee's original bag itself with the name of the coffee on it, and write a letter on the label (A-F as those are the first 6 letters of the alphabet, and I've never had more than 6 coffees at once).  Next, I put 85 grams of coffee into the Airscape, and put the label between the inner lid and out lid.  Finally I take the corresponding-lettered bags out of storage, and put 85 grams of coffee into each bag.  Now, I never have to write on the bags at all. I do put a tiny hash mark on the bottom, each time I put coffee into a bag, to track how many re-uses I get out of the bag (with the Waring Pro bags, I get well over 20 reuses before the bag becomes unreliable). Notice the letter A on the vacuum bag in the picture? And if you look reeeallllyyy carefully at the business card in the top of the airscape canister, at the very top, in the orange band, there is a letter A.

Anyway, the take away, is that I never have to write the name of the coffee, anywhere. And it's quicker and simpler.

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