Friday, May 13, 2016

Coffee Shop Review: Sovereign Grounds

Visited Sovereign Grounds on Sunday with. Nice way to spend Mother's Day.  This is an interesting place to visit - it's a kid-friendly coffee shop - with some toys in one of the dining rooms. Decor is great. Food is pretty good (thought the brownie wasn't chocolatey enough). They even had some gluten-free foods.  

It's a cafe-style shop - they've got a full range of espresso-drinks (and the latte was quite good), but no brewed coffee to order. The coffee I had from a thermal carafe was only OK.  I was disappointed as they blend and roast their own beans, and I would have enjoyed tasting a fresh cup made from one of them.    I probably should have picked some out to take home - but I've got a LOT of coffee right now - no room for more.  

It's a decent place  if I lived nearby, I think I'd get coffee from them regularly, but it's not so good that it's worth the 45-minute drive to get it.

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