Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Coffee Shop Review: Kopplins

This place is definitely a custom coffee shop. They have many fewer offerings, no flavor shots that I saw, and the brewed coffee (that they brewed for me) was quite good.  Kivi's latte was also yummy (and she actually guzzled it, which seemed like kind of a shame).  Also tasted both the house hot chocolate, and their specialty hot chocolate, and both were unusually good, though surprisingly not very sweet. I like my chocolate less sweet, and even I would have preferred it slightly sweeter than it was.  Their pastries were also much higher quality than many places.

They are also situated right near Izzy's Ice Cream Parlor, so we all had mini ice-cream cones too (the scoop was the size of a small melon-ball). Not the healthiest of diets for the day, but definitely fun.

Because there are several little restaurants in row, lots of people sat outside, enjoying both coffee and ice cream - the weather was good, and the mood was friendly.

I do have to share a photo of their gear for sale:

I was delighted to see the Duo Coffee Steeper (to the right of the big coffee maker in the center) for sale, along with the Stagg kettle!  First time I've seen either in the wild.  

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