Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Cleaning - first outdoor brewing

Part of living with a coffee-hater, is trying to only brew when my husband isn't around.  But weekends can be problematic, and I'm not about to give up my morning coffee on the weekends.

Winter weekends, (in Minnesota!) I banish him to the basement and close the door to minimize the smells that get to him. His computer/office is there, so it's not like he's locked in a dungeon or anything.  But whenever it's above about 60ºF (16ºC), I brew outside.

Today was the first weekend morning that was warm enough, so we did some spring cleaning. I had Chris (the husband/best friend/coffee-hater) hang my daughter's Christmas gift to me - a darling coffee-themed wind chime above my little café table:

Kivi swept away the leaves, and I wiped seven months of dust off the table and chairs.  And... here it is, our first coffee-party of the year:

Yes, Juniper considers herself part of the coffee party.

Here's the view from the table. Pleasant and breezy, and semi-private despite it being our front porch.

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