Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kittens and coffee do not mix

This happened back in February of 2013, when my Juniper was an older kitten (that obnoxious age when they are nearly full-grown and have the size and strength of an adult cat, but the mentality of a kitten).

You want to know a GREAT way to start the day?
  1. Brew a cup of coffee, sit at the table to catch up on FB on the laptop, and allow your kitten up onto your lap for a morning cuddle.
  2. Then, allow (when not looking) said kitten to reach her dainty paw into your coffee cup and pull it over onto herself.
  3. This will create a coffee river that showers onto the kitten, who will divert and divide the river onto each of your thighs and hips, creating pools of coffee on the kitchen table, the cell phone, the floor, and both chair legs.
  4. This will wake you up nearly as well as actually DRINKING the coffee.
  5. The kitten will look up at you as if to say “Huh. So THAT’s what will happen. Who’da thunk?” Then run off to track sticky coffee water all over the house.
  6. Clean up mess, and change jeans, underwear, and sweater

The aftermath.

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