Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bean Review: J&S Beans Part II

I sent J&S Bean Factory the following query today:
I bought a cup of your Obama blend on Sunday (pour-over), and it was
good enough that I was able to drink (and enjoy!) it black. But when I
got it home, I found that I didn't like it as much. I was wondering
about about your coffee:water ratios - What your ratios are, and what
temp your water is?

And they answered me within a couple of hours:

So glad to hear that you like the Obama Blend straight up like that. ... Anyway, for our pour over servings we use:
-- a heaping scoop of a 1/4 cup of FINE ground coffee-- 16oz of water at about 185 degrees.
If your grinding your own beans ask us to show you how fine we do it for our pour-overs and we'll gladly give you a little sample. Otherwise if your having us grind them ask us to use the grinder we use for our pour-overs, it can be a tad finer than the usual grinder we use for a normal paper-cone grind setting. I hope this helps! And I hope you still find time to come in and let us make you a pour-over even once you've mastered it for yourself.
There you have it, guys - some awesome customer service. Even if I don't wind up liking the beans for home use, I'm sure others will.  And I definitely want to see people head their way (and, as I said in my review of the shop - there were plenty of regulars there, and I can see why).

And this weekend, I'll try a pour-over using their instructions.  :-)

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