Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kickstarter: Stagg Kettle EKG by Fellow

"Shut up, and take my money."

I've been waiting for for an electric kettle, for about 7 years now.  Here's what I was looking for (and not finding):

  • Variable temperature control
  • Gooseneck with good pour control
  • Hold temperature function
  • No plastic whatsoever inside
The Bonavita (see below) that's so ubiquitous is practically perfect in every way (forgive me, Mary Poppins). It's got everything I wanted, except for one thing - it has plastic inside. Not much, mind you.  Just a bit where the plastic handle bolts on at the very top, well above the water line.  There may also be some on the underside of the lid, but I could be wrong on that one (I played with a friend's Bonavita last spring).  But, steam condenses, and falls back into the water. Hence, plastic in my hot water.

I decided a long time ago, that I wouldn't compromise on that issue (although, I actually did, but more on that later). It seems like every year or so, some study shows yet another ugly plastic compound has been found that'll make your baby grow an extra nostril or something.  So, I wanted only inert materials touching my coffee or hot water.  Stainless steel, glass, high-fired ceramic, and until I find out otherwise, silicone are all acceptible materials.

I really liked the Bonavita.  It's a great kettle, but it's not cheap.  And, I figure that for $85 (or more, depending on current Amazon prices), I wanted it to be RIGHT.  And no matter how many kettles I looked at, they all seemed to have some plastic.  I was also willing to spend more than that, if it met all of my requirements.

So then, Fellow (the maker of my beloved Duo Coffee Steeper), released a stovetop kettle called the Stagg. And it was seriously cool.  Awesome ergonomics with a counter-balanced handle, perfect pour control, no dripping, and a wonderful thermometer built right into the lid.  The reviews were extremely positive, but the lid was plastic, and people didn't like that aspect.  So Fellow released a metal lid in response to the feedback (I love responsive companies!), and they also released a copper version. I found myself tempted.

I seriously considered it, but my cast iron already lives on my stove.  And I really didn't want another thing that would live on the stove and get in the way.  Plus, it didn't offer the temperature control that I was looking for, that can be found in electric versions.  So I asked them, and they told me they WERE planning to offer an electric version.... eventually.  So I waited. And waited. And waited.

And I was rewarded.  This thing is perfect.  It meets my requirements in every way.  I can't wait. October 2017 will be a very sweet month (well.... if it really releases on time. But given how late most Kickstarters run, I'm not really expecting it).  It also looks extremely likely to get the funding they need. As of 2 hours after launch, they are 50% funded.  I expect that they'll fund within a day or so, if it takes that long.

PS. I do own an Aeropress. That's the only time I've compromised on the plastic.  I just don't use it very often.  I even found a glass lid that fits my Duo.


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    2. Assuming you are one of the Fellows ... anyway, no problem. I'm just thrilled that a kettle that meets ALL of my requirements will finally be available.

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